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This song actually relates to the Love or Lust blog. I'm asking my partner to show me something more, show THEM something more than what they think our love is about. Give them something else to talk about and give me something different to crave.

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How can you not LOVE him?


Is sexual orientation a Choice?
I don't know how many times I have had this conversation. First off, lets define the two.

An option; a decision; an opportunity to choose or select something.

That which happens without human design or forethought; fortune; fate.

I can only speak for myself, so heres my side of the story.
IT IS NOT A CHOICE. The "choice" is in determining whether you want to do what is your natural inclination or to follow the social norm. Do you think love is a choice? Emotions? What about...Happiness? Pain? Are these things we choose to be or the outcome of "choices"?

When people not apart of the gay community speak about it being a choice it is often in reference to the physical aspect. Some say maybe you dont choose how you feel but you can choose what you do or how you act on those feelings. And my initial response is WAIT....Are you askin me to be unhappy to fit in this cubical of "normality"? FUCK..... THAT. Secondly, it makes me believe that they think you are only GAY because of your ACTIONS. WRONG! I knew I was very much attracted to women at a young age. Sex, lust and corruption [those nouns they associate gay with] was unknown to me. To look back and know the feelings I had when I was younger further lets me know that these arent just choices. This is something within. NO FORETHOUGHT.

I am a very firm believer in the divine order of God. And I find it hypocritical when those who are religious speak on divinity but don't think I am who what or where I am suppose to be in MY life. My life was already planned before it began. I think choices are illusions to make us feel like we have control over the outcome of our lives and we don't. [which is why i use quotations]. There are no "CHOICES", there are gateways and roadblocks to get you to a destination faster or slower. Two roads diverged in a wood...God already knows which one you will "pick". Do you really think it takes a lifetime of choices for God to know WHO you are? This time on this EARTH is for YOU to figure out who you are and what your plan is. So if you do believe in CHOICE, WHO are you making your choices for? and WHY?


Are you proud?
Some cities PRIDE events have come and gone. For the rest of us we cant wait for the day to come any faster. I personally have never been to pride. Maybe because I haven't had anyone to really share it with. Or maybe I never thought I really could relate to the crowd. Weird, huh? But Detroit pride is at the end of the month and me and my lady will be in the spot. If you plan on being in Detroit the June 25th weekend drop me a line.

Need pride attire?
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as well as bars and restaurants in your area

Love or Lust?

Why is there this overflowing portrayal in the media of the LGBTQ community as over sexualized people? As if our entire lives are based on this orgy of cunnilingus erotica. And why is it that this portrayal is carried mostly by heterosexual actors? Would it be TOO gay to actually have ONE real-life lesbian or queer on the show. This misconstrued image of our community gets embedded into the minds of the people who love us. The first thing my mother asked me when i "CAME-OUT" (as if it could be hidden) was "How is having sex with a woman OKAY?". It pisses me off that that's the first thing she thinks about when I tell her this is what I love. But in actuality, she has nothing to go off of other than television and some gender confused lesbians. And this is who she relates me to. Why is it when you tell a guy you are a lesbian they all have the same response as if some chip has been surgically placed in their brains that makes them all say "She cant do you like I can" or "Damn that's sexy can I be in the middle of that". Muthufucka this is not an invitation for you to join in on a little menage-a-trois action!
I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry
So my question is who constructed this image of "homosexuality"? The media? Or our own community subconsciously?

Her N Eve -- Lesbian/Gay Blog

Ite. So we decided to create a blog that catered to the LGBTQ community. Something positive, something fun, something educational for the kiddies. :) I--my name is JC by the way--want to touch on topics that relate to us all and allow this blog to be a place where people can come and express themselves and ask questions. Hopefully, by opening up to some issues in our community, families, personal views about relationships, and other things will make the rest of you Feel like this is a place you can open up and share your thoughts as well. I think we all have something to learn from each other and in a world that is so cold to whats different we can come together to build a stronger foundation for those to come. We all have our insecurities but as we get to learn more about ourselves each day, we feel more confident and complete.
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